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In 2003 - a very well-meaning girlfriend rang me and offered me an opportunity to create a fast income stream right on Xmas!!  I said NO -  I had a 6am - 7pm job and even though it paid peanuts, I could not imagine selling candles!   She sat me down and showed me the possibilities and out of it all additional income was a HUGE bonus!! Soooo,  with only one income in the family, I grabbed at it why?  Because it had the criteria my budget would allow - 

IT WAS FREE - no catches - no hidden agenda - no withheld commission and no pressure (god knows I had enough of that on my plate) !
What did I have to lose?  
NOTHING apart from a few hours to earn extra cash with  No boss, no supervisors, no schedule except for my own!

So I became a Candle Lady after booking 6 parties with 6 people I did not know and WOW what fantastic opportunity it was!!  I was actually having fun giving away freebies to people who got together with their friends and I was being paid to party and being rewarded for sharing PartyLite with everyone!!  We had that extra income for Xmas and the kids were really happy that mince was off the menu!

It was an amazing journey, I started to share the opportunity I was given to make a difference to my family and people started wanting to have a "go" at doing it too for their own reasons!  Soon I was “paying PartyLite forward” everywhere  and  to everyone I met – helping others to make a change to something in their own families. 

By 2007 the Eternity Region was born!

The Eternity Regional Team is a wonderful blend of inspirational, fun and like-minded people, who are passionate about helping each other make a difference in their lives by:
 - Sharing a proven system of excellence that gets results
- Helping people to embrace their uniqueness and increase their confidence
- Empowering them to take control of their journey
- Provide support and encouragement, reward and recognition
- Celebrating success through shared learning, personal sales, relationships and fun We help everyone’s life to shine a little brighter, by creating magical opportunities through candle experiences for friends, family and beyond

My personal give it a “go” has given me the opportunity to help others grow to their goals, quit the J.O.B, enjoy FREE overseas travel each and every year ( Hawaii, Fiji, Singapore, Penang, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Disney Land),  build a HUGE Region of friendships, experience things I never thought possible (climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge), recognition,  buy a car, build a brilliant nest egg while paying off all my debts, meet some of the most incredible people ever,  have a lifestyle that is simply amazing and be able to have FUN!  It’s an amazing journey that has never stopped surprising and delighting me!! 

What about YOU…….don’t you deserve the opportunity to make a change to something in your life??
Success Stories

Regional Meeting Dates :
Be inspired, be motivated, be recognized for personal achievements and celebrate as a team at our Regional Events. Guests are welcome to attend and bring a friend!!  Lots of raffles and giveaways, testimonials and hint and tips!!
April 15th      (7.15pm - 9.30)

National Conference July 26th29th  2014 South Bank Brisbane

The most exciting event on our PartyLite Calendar is the National Conference.  Consultants and Leaders come from all over Australia to celebrate each other’s successes, be inspired, be motivated, be recognised, share, learn and experience the new fragrance and product ranges. Guest are certainly welcome to purchase a seat at this event and will be included in all product giveaways, inspirational sessions with meals included for the time you attend. Guess what the Annual  5 Star Trip of Dreams is announced at this event!!
Watch as our New Leader Butterflies take flight and celebrate spreading their wingsby sharing the love of what they do to improve the lifestyles of those around them – bring your Kleeex it’s a real emotionally charged happy event!

Celebrate in tears and happiness as the Childrens Hospital Foundation Australia introduce their new project for 2015 and are gifted with the incredible fund raising PartyLite does through the generosity of people just like you!  Last year we raised over $95,000 through the  sales of product to “do it for the kids”!!

Be surrounded in Evening Glamour as we recognise the “Top of the Tops” in  all areas of Business Development!!  Included in this gala event is the prestigious Mabel Baker Award.  This award is voted by Consultants and Leaders and presented to one person who has vision, a positive attitude and community spirit.  A new comer is the Regional Award – where one of our many regions is celebrated for their consistency and growth.
For more information- please contact me on 0400146851 or 03 9891 6983

Party Dates:
My aim is to help people fill their homes with gorgeous candles and accessories at a fraction of the cost or better yet - Free!!  
If this sounds like something that you could be interested in please contact me via the CONTACT ME link and let's reserve a date - especially just for you!!

(special bonuses apply for mid week bookings) My "Mid Week busy girls parties" are super fast, fun and rewarding = book NOW to avoid missing out!!

I am  looking to help people just like you - who might want to make a difference to something in their lives!  If you would like to learn more or see if PartyLite and you could be the "right fit" please give me a cal and we can share a "no obligation" coffee and cake to see if there is something in PartyLite for YOU x 

tel: 03 9891 6983 or 0400146851
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